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Membrane Keyboards Manufacturers Pune  
Tactile Keyboards Manufacturers -
  • For better feedback to operator.
  • Use of metal domes with / without gold plating
  • Specifications
Non-Tactile Keyboards Manufacturers
  • For longer life . Specifications
Embossed keyboards Manufacturers –  
  • For longer life, feedback and improved aesthetics.
  • Specifications
Graphic Overlays Manufacturer
  • Polyester and Polycarbonate with hard coat/Selective Matte Transparent Window Very high bond adhesive Fine and sharp cuts possible for Components & Insertions Embossing Materials
Industrial Stickers Manufacturers
  • Vinyl, PVC, Paper etc. Materials
Industrial Decals Manufacturers
  • Dials, Panels, Fascias
 Membrane Keyboards  Printed Electronics
• PCB and PCF Based Keyboards
• Short Travel Keyboards
• Long Travel Keyboards
• Capacitive Keyboards
• Illuminated Keyboards
• Computer Compatible Keyboards
• Standard Matrix Keyboards

• Short Travel Switches
• Metal /FRP Base Plates
• Rubber Gasket for sealing
• Shielding from EMI/RFI and EMC
• Long Travel Switches
• Gold plated Domes & PCB’s
• Customised front overlays
• Insertion type Keyboards
• Built in LED keyboards
• Mimic keyboards
• Standard Martix Keyboards
• Embossing Options in Keyboards
• Selective Texturing in Keyboards
• ROHS Complaint Keyboards
• Variety of overlay Materials